Chilean Lawmakers: Don't Kill Open Licensing!

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The Chilean House of Representatives recently passed a bill (Boletín 9889-24) that would make it functionally impossible for video creators to share their works under an open license, like a Creative Commons license. Now that bill is in the Senate.

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At first glance, the proposal seems well-intentioned. It would give video creators an unwaivable right of remuneration to authors of audiovisual works. That means that you'd still have the right to collect money for a video you created even if you transferred your copyright to an unsavory third party.

Unfortunately, the proposal would create more problems than it would solve. It would make licensing audiovisual media more expensive and complicated. It would also close the door to nontraditional licensing options.

Some creators want to be able to waive their rights; for example, using Creative Commons licenses. In fact, there are even video creators whose business models rely on open licenses. Creators' rights should include their right to opt out of their ability to control a work.

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