Demand Border Agents Get a Warrant Before Digital Searches

Cell phones, laptops, and other digital devices shouldn’t be subject to unfettered search by the U.S. government at the border. Email the U.S. Congress today and tell them that if border agents want to search our digital devices at the border, they should get a warrant.

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Agents at the U.S. border are conducting searches that invade our digital privacy. They’ve been seizing cell phones and laptops from travelers, including American citizens and lawful permanent residents, without any individualized suspicion or oversight by a judge. This tramples on our basic privacy rights and contradicts the protections enshrined by the Fourth Amendment.

But Congress can stop it. While it could be many years before the courts resolve this issue, Congress can act now. Call on Congress to stand up for liberty and defend the rights of travels as well as the privacy of anyone communicating with travelers.

Email Congress today and tell them that our rights shouldn’t be sacrificed at the border.