Demand Transparency in Trade Deals

When trade agreements are negotiated in secret, the public loses out. There’s a new bill in Congress that would require the U.S. to make drafts of trade agreements available to the public.

Let’s make sure that future trade agreements put people first, not corporations. Tell your representative to co-sponsor the Promoting Transparency in Trade Act.

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The highly secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would have locked the United States into its current, broken copyright rules. It contained provisions that could have easily been abused by repressive regimes to prosecute human rights defenders. The TPP is dead, but with new trade deals on the horizon, powerful corporations are lobbying for equally restrictive measures.

Our only hope is to demand transparency in U.S. participation in trade negotiations. If public interest groups and ordinary citizens have access to the text of trade agreements as they are being written, then we can more effectively urge the government to demand better agreements.

The Promoting Transparency in Trade Act would require the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) to release the proposed text of trade agreements before and after each round of negotiations. It would also require the USTR to appoint an independent Transparency Officer to advocate for transparency in U.S. trade negotiations.

Tell your representative: give the public a place at the table.