End the NSA's Backdoor to the Internet

A new bill before the U.S. House of Representatives leaves Americans woefully unprotected from having their communications searched by intelligence community and law enforcement agencies. With your help, we can make it clear that American communications need to be protected from warrantless search.

End the Backdoor

What to say

Hi, I'm one of your constituents, and I’m calling on you to improve the Liberty Act to end the NSA’s backdoor search loophole. Please support amendments to strengthen the Liberty Act so that government agents can’t access Americans’ communications without a warrant.

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The newly introduced USA Liberty requires government agents to apply for a warrant to search through 702-collected data only when they are seeking evidence of a crime. But it does not require government agents to apply for a warrant when searching through 702-collected data for investigations related to foreign intelligence. Law enforcement agents will not need to apply for a warrant when doing early searches on whether a crime was committed at all. The warrant restriction won’t apply to the NSA or CIA at all.

Please speak out by calling your representative in Congress today and urging them to fix the USA Liberty Act so that is bans warrantless surveillance of Americans.