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Diego Gomez, a Colombian graduate student, currently faces up to eight years in prison for doing something thousands of researchers do every day: posting research results online for those who would not otherwise have a way to access them.


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Photo of Diego GomezIf open access were the default for scholarly communication, cases like Diego’s would become obsolete.

Academic research would be free to access and available under an open license that would legally enable the kind of sharing that is so crucial for enabling scientific progress.

When research is shared freely and openly we all benefit. Sign below to express your support for open access as the default for scientific and scholarly publishing, so researchers like Diego don’t risk severe penalties for helping colleagues access the research they need.

This is a joint effort by EFF, Creative Commons, Fight for the Future, Fundación Karisma, the Internet Archive, Knowledge Ecology International, Mendeley, ONG Derechos Digitales, Open Access Button, Open Coalition, Open Knowledge, Open Media, Public Knowledge, the Right to Research Coalition, and USENIX.

July 18, 2019

Statement to Support Open Access Worldwide

Scientific and scholarly progress relies upon the exchange of ideas and research. We all benefit when research is shared widely, freely, and openly.

I support an Open Access system for academic publishing that makes research free for anyone to read and re-use; one that is inclusive of all and doesn’t force researchers like Diego Gomez to risk severe penalties for helping colleagues access the research they need.

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