No Face Surveillance in Berkeley

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Government use of face surveillance technology chills free speech, threatens residents' privacy, and amplifies historical bias in our criminal system.

Tell the City Council, it’s time to ban government use of face surveillance technology in Berkeley.

Law enforcement use of face surveillance poses a profound threat to personal privacy, political and religious expression, and the fundamental freedom to go about our lives without having our movements and associations covertly monitored and analyzed.

Face surveillance technology can be used for identifying or verifying the identity of an individual using photos or video. Government can even conduct dragnet, real-time face surveillance of entire neighborhoods. Face surveillance technology is also prone to error, implicating people for crimes they haven’t committed.

Speak up to protect your privacy rights, and demand that the Berkeley City Council ban government use of face surveillance.

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To: Subject: I Support the ban on face surveillance in Berkeley. Dear Members of the City Council, I am writing to urge you to pass the proposed ordinance banning government use of face recognition technology in Berkeley. Berkeley residents wouldn't support a law requiring every resident to wear a visible identification badge. And, we definitely don't support being covertly monitored as we move through the city to attend prayer, visit doctors, or spend time with loved ones. I ask you to stand with your constituents and vote in support of the ordinance banning government use of face surveillance in Berkeley. Sincerely,