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Law enforcement should get a warrant to search through emails, Facebook messages, and any other electronic communications. Tell Congress to fight for our Fourth Amendment protections and pass the Email Privacy Act.

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It’s time for Congress to put an end to a glaring loophole in privacy law. Thanks to wording in a more than 30-year-old law, the papers in your desk are better protected than the emails in your inbox. Congress can fix that by passing the Email Privacy Act, reintroduced in the House by Rep. Kevin Yoder, Rep. Jared Polis, and others in January.

Congress has come close to fixing this in the past. A similar bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2013, and this exact bill unanimously passed the House last year after racking up an overwhelming 315 House members as cosponsors. This session, Congress must act.

The last time this digital privacy law was updated was more than 30 years ago. Tell Congress to pass the Email Privacy Act and require law enforcement to follow Fourth Amendment protections in the 21st century.