Tell Congress to Protect Our Online Privacy Rights

Records of your online activity reveal a tremendous amount about you. While that kind of data is currently protected by federal rules, some members of Congress are trying to repeal those rules so your broadband provider can sell your sensitive Internet activity records to the highest bidder.

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The FCC put in place critical broadband privacy protection rules late last year to protect your right to privacy online. Now, some members of Congress are looking to completely erase those rules and let your Internet service provider sell information about what you look at, what your purchase, and who you talk to online.

But those members of Congress aren’t looking to just undo the current rules. The method they would use -- passing a Congressional Review Act resolution to repeal the rules -- would effectively permanently ban the FCC from ever writing new privacy rules. Because of the current legal landscape, the Federal Trade Commission is already barred from policing Internet service providers. So if Congress repeals the rules, there will be no federal cop on the beat for Internet privacy.