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No Airport Biometric Surveillance

A dangerous new bill could bring facial recognition, fingerprinting, retina scans, and other forms of invasive biometric data extraction to U.S. domestic airports. Join EFF in opposing expansive biometric surveillance in our airports.

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Berkeley: Stand Up for Community Control of Police Spy Tech

The Berkeley City Council will soon vote on an ordinance, supported by over two dozen local organizations and national civil rights groups, that will ensure that the people of Berkeley and their elected city council control whether their police and other city agencies will acquire powerful surveillance technologies. The proposed ordinance also would assure transparency in city agencies policies and practices for use of surveillance equipment.

Let your City Council members know that they, the elected representatives of the people of Berkeley, should be empowered with the authority to consider and responsibly approve, or reject, surveillance technology.

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Check Your Reps: Tell Congress to Save the Open Internet

In December, the FCC voted to roll back the Open Internet Order, giving Internet service providers free reign to engage in unfair and discriminatory data practices. But it's not too late: Congress can overturn the FCC's new rule. Tell your representatives to save existing net neutrality protections!

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