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Tell Your University: Don't Sell Patents to Trolls

When universities invent, those inventions should benefit everyone. Unfortunately, they sometimes end up in the hands of patent trolls, companies that serve no purpose but to amass patents and demand money from other innovators and inventors.

Why are universities selling patents to trolls in the first place? Shouldn’t they sell their inventions to companies that will actually do something with them?

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Pull the Plug on Internet Spying Programs

Every day, the U.S. government sweeps up the emails, text messages, and other online communications of millions of innocent Americans. Congress has a chance to rein in this unconstitutional spying when a key surveillance authority expires at the end of this year.

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No California Data for Religious Registries: Support S.B. 31

California must not be complicit in any attempt by the federal government to create lists or registries of individuals based on their religious beliefs. In response to proposals floated by the Trump administration to create a so-called “Muslim registry,” California has introduced legislation to create a legal firewall against sharing state and local government data that the federal government could use to violate our right to religious freedom. Support S.B. 31 today.

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