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Don’t Give DHS and DOJ Free Rein to Shoot Down Private Drones

When government agencies hide their activities from the public, private drones can be a crucial tool for transparency and journalism. But now, some members of Congress want to give the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security—including Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)—the power to intercept and destroy private drones it considers a “threat,” with no safeguards ensuring that that power isn’t abused.

Let’s tell the House of Representatives to reject the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorization bill unless these powers are stripped from it.

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Tell the Senate to Pass a Strong Election Security Bill

The Senate is considering legislation meant to protect free and fair elections in the U.S. But one of the current proposals doesn’t include the two most important elements: universal paper ballots, and automatic “risk-limiting” audits.

Let’s tell the Senate: if it doesn't include these essential features, it's not a real election security bill.

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California: Youth in State Care Deserve Internet Access

When the state is charged with caring for children, state officials must ensure those youth are provided with the tools they need to grow and live full lives. In 2018, this means access to computers and the Internet.

Please tell Gov. Jerry Brown to sign A.B. 2448 into law to establish that access to the Internet is a legal right for juvenile detainees and youth in foster care.

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