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Keep Publicly Funded Research Public. Move FASTR.

When we pay for federally funded research, we should be allowed to read it. That’s the simple premise of FASTR, the Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act (S.1701, H.R.3427).

A federal open access law is long overdue. Let's send a strong message to lawmakers: we can’t stall on open access for another year. It’s time to move FASTR.

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Congress, Don't Sell the Internet Out

Net neutrality is under serious threat. Right now, the FCC is considering a proposal to roll back the critical net neutrality protections in the Open Internet Order. We can’t let that happen. It’s time to tell your lawmakers: Don’t let the FCC sell the Internet out.

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Don't Let Congress Censor the Internet

There’s a new bill in Congress that would threaten your right to free expression online. If that weren’t enough, it could also put small Internet businesses in danger of catastrophic litigation.

Don’t let its name fool you: the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) wouldn’t help punish sex traffickers. What it would do is expose the Internet content platforms that we all rely on every day to the risk of overwhelming criminal and civil liability for their customers’ actions.

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Tell Congress: Don’t Make Internet Spying Powers Permanent

The U.S. government’s Internet spying powers are set to expire at the end of this year. As Congress considers the looming deadline for reauthorization, lawmakers should be looking to rein in warrantless spying on millions of innocent people, not trying to make it permanent.

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California: Restore Our Online Privacy Rights

Internet users in California have to speak up now if they want to reclaim the online privacy protections stripped away by Congress earlier this year.


Tell Lawmakers to Reform the Espionage Act

The Espionage Act has hit its 100th anniversary, and it’s long overdue for an overhaul.

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Dear FCC: Save Net Neutrality

A new proposal would destroy the FCC’s net neutrality guidelines, leaving the door open to ISPs creating “Internet fast lanes” that prioritize certain websites over others. But you can save it. Use this form to submit comments to the FCC.

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Demand Transparency in Trade Deals

When trade agreements are negotiated in secret, the public loses out. There’s a new bill in Congress that would require the U.S. to make drafts of trade agreements available to the public.

Let’s make sure that future trade agreements put people first, not corporations. Tell your representative to co-sponsor the Promoting Transparency in Trade Act.

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Join the Electronic Frontier Alliance

Join or start a local community group fighting for digital rights. Defend privacy, free speech, and innovation on the electronic frontier by organizing in your local communities and college campuses. Create a future where technology is accountable to people. We'll show you how!