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Unscrupulous landlords are making big money depriving renters in Oakland of the power to choose their Internet Service Provider(ISP).

Induced monopolies as a result of exclusive agreements between landlords and incumbent ISPs eliminate your ability to choose providers that charge less money or offer better service, like higher speeds or a commitment to net neutrality and user privacy.

Let Oakland City Council President, and Councilmember At-Large, Rebecca Kaplan know it’s time to give Oakland renters a choice.

Take action today to bring choice and affordable service to your own apartment and to tenants throughout Oakland.

Along with our partners in the Oakland Internet Choice Coalition (OICC), EFF is organizing to provide a legal path requiring landlords of multi-tenant buildings to allow access to a tenant's choice of Internet Service Provider.

You can help win the fight against usurious monopoly practices – email Oakland City Council President Kaplan today. Ask Council President Kaplan to stand with Oakland renters by introducing legislation to guarantee internet choice in Oakland.

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To: Subject: Introduce Internet Choice in Oakland Dear Council President Kaplan, I am writing to ask you to take action. Bring Internet choice to Oakland by ending ISP-landlord payola. Reliable, affordable, and secure communications are vital to Oaklander's ability to live fully engaged lives. Oakland's tenants struggle with one of the most challenging housing markets in the country. Their ability to navigate employment, housing, and education needs, while remaining politically and socially informed depends on Internet access. Locking new providers out of the multi-unit market, via exclusive landlord-ISP agreements that bribe landlords to restrict renters options, impoverishes the quality of life for Oakland tenants and creates unnecessary barriers to a competitive market that would empower Oakland residents. Oakland's city council can open the door to a competitive market that puts the power in the hands of Oakland renters. You can guarantee Oakland tenants access to any certified provider that wants to serve them, while protecting reasonable landlord concerns and shielding them from unnecessary costs. Our inaction in the face of this inequity only serves the Real Estate Trusts and unscrupulously managed properties whose owners line their pockets with ISP payola at the expense of their tenants; and the incumbent providers like Comcast and AT&T who will have to compete on price, customer service and the quality of their offerings―not profiting off of their ability to lock competitors out of the market. Oakland needs its residents to have the highest quality service that meets their needs. We can't afford to let big corporations hold them hostage to inferior service for more money. Our cities future demands a more connected population, with better access to services, education, and employment. Please bring Internet choice to Oakland,
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