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California: Call Your Lawmakers And Tell Them to Support the Governor's Broadband Plan

California state

Governor Gavin Newsom has a plan to spend $7 billion on broadband infrastructure. Urge your lawmakers to support this plan to close the digital divide.

Gov. Newsom's plan would finance giving every single Californian a fiber connection to the Internet over the next 5 years, allow the state to address an urgent broadband crisis worsened by the pandemic, and give us a way to start closing the digital divide now. Tell your lawmakers to support this plan and vote to give the state the authority to begin this process now.

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Before You Call

This action will guide you through calling your representatives. You will likely either talk to a congressional staff member or be asked to leave a message. You might be asked your name and/or your zip code or address, so have those handy. Press star at the end of the call.

What to say

Please support Governor Newsom’s critical $7 billion investment in public broadband infrastructure, because all Californians deserve 21st Century internet access.

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