California: Restore Our Online Privacy Rights

Internet users in California have to speak up now if they want to reclaim the online privacy protections stripped away by Congress earlier this year.

Support California A.B. 375

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Please support A.B. 375 and reinstate online privacy rules to protect Californians

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A California bill sponsored by Assembly member Ed Chau, A.B. 375, would reinstate online privacy rules that would keep ISPs like AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon from selling information about what you do online without your permission.

Californians need to call their state senators now to see these online privacy protections restored.

Congress narrowly voted earlier this year to repeal the FCC's online privacy rules that kept ISPs from selling information about what you do online without your permission. Because of the way Congress repealed those rules, the FCC can't put similar privacy protections in place going forward. And the current legal landscape means that no other federal agency may be able to clearly police ISPs' bad behavior when it comes to online privacy.

That's why state legislators are taking up the charge, and it's crucial that California lawmakers move ahead with this legislation.

Tell your state senator to support A.B. 375 and restore our Internet privacy protections.