California: Speak Out Against Broadband Monopolies

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Californians deserve more broadband Internet options. A.B. 1366 would renew a law that has kept consumers locked into broadband monopolies and raises serious issues for regulation of government emergency services and our privacy. With your help, we can kill the bill in committee, but we have to do it by Wednesday!

Comcast and AT&T backed this law in 2012—and are backing its renewal now. A.B. 1366 has stopped state and local government’s ability to promote competition and broadband access. It effectively shields a huge part of the telecommunications industry from state and local regulation. This law would reaffirm that state and local governments cannot regulate VoIP—a term used to refer to any technology that allows you to use the Internet for voice communication or receive telephone calls over the Internet.

Renewing this law through A.B. 1366 would allow that state of affairs to continue for the next decade.

Call ASAP to tell your Senator to oppose A.B. 1366.

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