California: Speak Up for Your Privacy

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Californians have a constitutional right to privacy, and should be able to take companies that violate their privacy to court.

S.B. 561, authored by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, would provide that right and also ensure that the California Attorney General has necessary tools to enforce the California Consumer Privacy Act. This bill is the only one in the California legislature to strengthen enforcement of the CCPA.

Your voice is essential to supporting this law. Please take five minutes to call your state senator to say that you, like 94 percent of Californians, think people should have the right to sue companies that violate their privacy.

People are the best advocates for their own privacy, and it is essential that every person can hold companies accountable in court when businesses refuse to respect our rights.

In addition to providing this important right, S.B. 561 gives the Attorney General’s office tools needed to enforce the CCPA. This will make sure that companies do not get a free pass when they violate our privacy.

Speak up to protect your privacy rights, and demand that your senator do the same by supporting S.B. 561.

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