California: Tell Lawmakers to Stop These Attacks on Your Privacy

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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) guarantees Californians strong online privacy protections. On July 9, the California Senate Judiciary Committee will hear testimony about four bills that would weaken the law.

Tell lawmakers: we should be strengthening the CCPA, not weakening it.

Here’s how some legislators are trying to weaken the CCPA:

  • A.B. 1416 would create a massive loophole for companies, giving any company that sells or shares information to government the ability to ignore your privacy rights
  • A.B. 25 would remove most CCPA protections over data collected by companies about their employees
  • A.B. 846 would make it easier for businesses to force consumers to pay for their privacy rights
  • A.B. 873 would weaken the definition of “personal information” and undermine critical privacy protections

Lawmakers passed the CCPA in response to Californians’ demand for a baseline privacy law, and it has inspired online privacy advocacy around the country.

Tell the Senate Judiciary Committee to stop these bills meant to weaken the CCPA.

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