Congress: Don't Undermine Net Neutrality

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The FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order was the culmination of years of net neutrality advocacy and a big step toward a free and open Internet. Now, some lawmakers are trying to undermine the FCC’s ability to enforce it.

Tell your representative: don’t vote for a bill that compromises net neutrality.

The No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Access Act (H.R. 2666) ostensibly bars the FCC from regulating broadband Internet rates, something the FCC has promised not to do. The problem is that the bill is worded so vaguely that it could be interpreted to forbid the FCC from enforcing many key net neutrality principles.

At best, H.R. 2666 is a poorly written bill that brings a host of unintended consequences. At worst, it’s a calculated attempt to undermine the net neutrality principles we’ve all been fighting for. If H.R. 2666 stays in its current form, it’s crucial that the House of Representatives reject it.

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