Illinois: Say No to Warrantless Drone Surveillance


The Illinois General Assembly is dangerously close to passing legislation that would allow law enforcement to carry out drone surveillance of any crowd of 100 or more people without a warrant. Join EFF in fighting against surveillance that threatens Illinois residents’ privacy, chills free speech, and undermines the freedom to assemble.

Illinois S.B. 2562 threatens to allow police to conduct drone surveillance at large gaterhings—including protests—without a warrant.

If the House adopts the bill, Illinois residents exercising their First Amendment right to come together in collective calls for justice, religious groups gathering in worship, or families attending a parade would all be subject to silent surveillance from above. Video, audio, and face recognition data collection would all be available to police with no requirement for a court's approval.

Together we can stop this bill from keeping us apart. Tell members of the Illinois House of Representatives to say no to S.B. 2562.

We won!

Congratulations! Thanks to your efforts, we stopped an Illinois bill that would have allowed police drones to spy on protesters. SB 2562 has not become law despite clearing both the Illinois House and Senate, since the state legislative session expired on May 31 and the two chambers had not yet reconciled their conflicting versions of the bill.