Net Neutrality Is Within Reach: Now Keep The Pressure On Congress

Neutrality 3

One year ago, a court decision in Verizon v. FCC cast the future of net neutrality into doubt. In the time since, an overwhelming public response made it clear that an open and neutral net is crucial.

The public has spoken loud and clear, and after comments earlier this month from FCC head Tom Wheeler, we're cautiously optimistic about the coming decision from the agency: it could end up reclassifying broadband services under Title II, with important forbearance measures as well. And we're close to that FCC ruling—it's likely to come on February 26.

But Congress could still derail the progress we've made. In the last stretch of this fight for the future of the 'Net, they need to hear from you. We're almost there: it's more important than ever to not support any bill that would take real net neutrality off the table.

We won!

The Congressional threats to net neutrality that we were worried about have subsided for now. We'll keep a close eye on developments in this space.