Tell Congress to Save the Open Internet

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In December, the FCC voted to roll back the Open Internet Order, giving Internet service providers free reign to engage in unfair and discriminatory data practices. But it's not too late: Congress can overturn the FCC's new rule. Tell your representatives to save existing net neutrality protections!

On December 14, 2017, the FCC voted to end net neutrality protections. Net neutrality protections ensured that Internet service providers (ISPs) treated all data that traveled over their networks equally. Now, the way is paved for ISPs to starting blocking or throttling access online and for them to charge extra for data to be transmitted faster. But Congress can stop it. A majority vote in both houses can overturn the FCC’s order and restore net neutrality.

On May 16, the Senate voted with a majority voting in favor of repealing the FCC’s order. That means that the future of net neutrality is all in the hands of the House of Representatives.

Tell your representatives how important net neutrality is and, if they haven’t already, to voice their support for bringing back real net neutrality.

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