Tell Gov. Brown to Protect Our Digital Rights—Sign S.B. 178

Jerry brown california seal sized

Police need a warrant to rifle through papers in your desk drawer, so the same should go for sensitive digital records like emails, text messages, and location history. Tell Gov. Jerry Brown to sign S.B. 178, the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CalECPA), into law today.

We won!

Gov. Jerry Brown signed S.B. 178 on October 8. It is now being called the "nation's best digital privacy law."

Effective immediately, police need a warrant to search an electronic device, obtain the contents of communications from an online service provider, or obtain locational information from a cell phone (e.g. from operating a "Stingray"/IMSI catcher). Evidence obtained in violation of this law is inadmissible in criminal cases.

Privacy advocates, tech companies, and even a law enforcement organization put their support behind the bill. But, it would not have been possible without the thousands of supporters, like you, who spoke out in favor of digital privacy. Thank you for your support.