Tell HP — Say No to DRM

HP recently activated a secret feature in its Officejet Pro printers (and possibly other models) that causes the printers to refuse to print with third-party or recycled ink cartridges.

Please join us in demanding that HP say no to DRM.


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HP is just the latest of many companies to use DRM technologies to place artificial limits on what customers can do with their products. U.S. copyright law incentivizes tech companies to use DRM: under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, manufacturers claim that it’s illegal to bypass DRM in your own property, even if you’re doing it for completely lawful purposes.

DRM is bad for security, bad for innovation, and bad for users’ rights. Please join us in demanding that HP make amends for its self-destructing printers.

We’re also considering filing a complaint with the FTC about HP printers’ use of DRM. If the recent software update affected you, please contact us at

July 18, 2019

Dion Weisler
President and CEO
HP Inc.

Dear Mr. Weisler,

We support EFF’s call on HP to immediately restore the full functionality of its printers. Please promise never again to distribute software that artificially limits your products’ functionality.

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