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Tell the Senate to Fully Staff the FCC


It has been five years since the FCC repealed net neutrality protections. Since then, we’ve lived through a pandemic that has only underscored the importance of universal, low-cost, and open internet access. Unfortunately, the FCC remains down a commissioner, making it nearly impossible for the FCC to do its important work. Call your senators and tell them to confirm Gigi Sohn as the fifth FCC commissioner.

Being online is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity. And preventing gatekeepers from slowing down, blocking, or charging extra for high-speed access to certain services is equally necessary. The FCC has a job to do to gather accurate data about high-speed internet access in the United States,securing a free and open internet for all of us, and ensuring everyone has equal rights to broadband access.

We cannot wait any longer. Every day the FCC remains understaffed is another day that internet service providers act without oversight. Tell your Senators to vote for Gigi Sohn today.

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Please tell your senators to fully staff the FCC by confirming Gigi Sohn.

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