Tell the Senate: Vote no on the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act.

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Privacy-invasive "cybersecurity" legislation is back from the dead. The Senate Intelligence Committee is pushing the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA). It's a privacy invasive surveillance bill that must be stopped.

The Senate will vote on the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA) this week. This bill would grant companies more power to obtain "threat" information (for example, from private communications of users) and disclose that data to the government without a warrant—including sending data to the National Security Agency. It also gives companies broad immunity to spy on—and potentially even launch countermeasures against—innocent users.

The bill follows up on failed cybersecurity legislation in the House called CISPA that the President threatened to veto in 2013, as well as recently passed cybersecurity legislation passed in the House.

Last year, tens of thousands of concerned individuals used the EFF action center to speak out against overbroad and ineffective cybersecurity proposals. And this summer, your emails, tweets, and faxes helped stall CISA for months.

Now we need your help again. Can you call your lawmakers today and ask them to vote no on CISA?

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