Texas: Tell Your State Representatives to Protect Free Speech

Cda free speech

If you live in Texas, one of your state’s most critical free speech laws is under attack. The Texas Citizens Participation Act, or TCPA, was passed in 2011 and has helped everyday Texans fight back against illegitimate lawsuits meant to punish people for exercising their First Amendment rights.

A recently introduced bill, HB 2730, would cut out the TCPA’s most critical protections. If HB 2730 passes, it will be much easier to use lawsuits to silence all manner of people who speak out, including online reviewers and anonymous speakers.

The bill is expected to get a hearing next week at the Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee in the Texas House of Representatives. We need you to speak out now, and tell committee members to put a stop to this unnecessary bill that will damage Texans’ right to free speech online.

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