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Senators: Don't Expand FBI's Dangerous "National Security Letters"

National security hawks are pushing an amendment to expand the FBI's surveillance powers and make the "lone wolf" provision of the Patriot Act permanent. Tell your Senator now to vote against the McCain-Cornyn Amendment 4787.

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Act chilesmall

Legisladores chilenos: ¡No eliminen el licenciamiento abierto de obras audiovisuales!

La Cámara de Diputados de Chile, recientemente aprobó un proyecto de ley (Boletín 9889-24) que imposibilitará que los creadores de obras audiovisuales compartan sus obras mediante licencias abiertas como Creative Commons. El proyecto se encuentra actualmente en el Senado.

Act chilesmall

Chilean Lawmakers: Don't Kill Open Licensing!

The Chilean House of Representatives recently passed a bill (Boletín 9889-24) that would make it functionally impossible for video creators to share their works under an open license, like a Creative Commons license. Now that bill is in the Senate.

Act tattoosmall

Stop the Government’s Tattoo Recognition Experiments

Government researchers and the FBI are trying to crack the codes in our tattoos. They’re developing tattoo recognition technology with the aim of using our ink to reveal who we are, what we believe, and who we’re connected to. These experiments exploit prisoners without proper oversight and with little regard for privacy, civil liberties, or human dignity.

The good news is we may have time to stop it.


Defend Drone Sports in California

At events like Bay Area Maker Faire, hobbyists pit their customized personal drones against each other in aerial battle. But two bills before the California legislature could bring these fun and educational activities to a halt. Tell California lawmakers not to criminalize drone combat sports.

Act venue

Sen. Grassley, Don't Give Up on Venue Reform

As a respected senior senator and chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Chuck Grassley has the power to bring real patent reform to Congress, including ending venue abuse once and for all.

Let’s tell Sen. Grassley that comprehensive patent reform is the right choice and we’ll stand with him in making it.

Email 1

Tell Law Enforcement: Come Back with a Warrant

If law enforcement wants to rummage through our Gmail accounts or read our private messages on Facebook, it should be required to go to a judge and get a search warrant. Tell the Senate to pass the Email Privacy Act, and keep the police out of our email.

Arbitration act 2

Tell the Senate: Fight Forced Arbitration

What are you really agreeing to when you select “I agree” on a click-through contract? Whether you know it or not, you’re often agreeing to waive a host of fundamental rights. That can even include your right to take the company to court.

Telecommunications companies use forced arbitration clauses to rob their customers of their right to resolve a dispute in court. Let’s tell the Senate to put an end to this unfair practice.

Act beijingsmall

Tell Congress: No Beijing Veto On Video Speech

A new proposal to change copyright law could create major new restrictions on filmmakers, citizen journalists, and other creators using footage that includes “audiovisual performances.” These changes would cast a shadow of legal uncertainty over recording and using videos and inaugurate a new chokepoint on speech.