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Act small tpp

Stop the TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would lock the United States into its current broken copyright rules and empower foreign corporations to sue us if we reform them. Vital components of U.S. law such as fair use and net neutrality are missing or non-binding in the TPP.

The TPP is bad for users’ rights both in the U.S. and abroad. Please call your representative and demand that they oppose the TPP.

Act stingray

Tell FCC to Enforce Its Rules Against Police Using Stingrays

For nearly 10 years, local police departments around the country have spied on cell networks using military grade surveillance tools in secret. This week, a coalition of civil rights groups lodged a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) seeking an enforcement action against the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) for using cell-site simulators—also known as IMSI-catchers or Stingrays—thousands of times since 2007 without warrants required by the U.S. Constitution, and without a license to use the electromagnetic spectrum required by the FCC.

Action small reclaiminvention

Keep State University Patents Away from Trolls

We’re asking state legislatures to pass laws to make sure that state universities don’t sell their patents to companies that will only use them to sue others. We’ve written sample legislation that lawmakers can use and adapt, and are eager to work with them to see the bills pass. Tell your state lawmakers: sponsor the Reclaim Invention Act!

Action small reclaiminvention

Tell Your University: Don't Sell Patents to Trolls

When universities invent, those inventions should benefit everyone. Unfortunately, they sometimes end up in the hands of patent trolls, companies that serve no purpose but to amass patents and demand money from other innovators and inventors.

Why are universities selling patents to trolls in the first place? Shouldn’t they sell their inventions to companies that will actually do something with them?

Act nsl

Email Your Senators: Don't Expand FBI's Dangerous "National Security Letters"

National security hawks are pushing an amendment to expand the FBI's surveillance powers and make the "lone wolf" provision of the Patriot Act permanent. Tell your Senator now to vote against the McCain-Cornyn Amendment 4787.

Action neutrality small

Tell Congress: Quit Trying to Sabotage Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is under multiple threats in Congress. Whether it’s slashing the FCC's budget, attempting to prohibit the agency from enforcing its Open Internet Order, or stalling net neutrality protections with redundant and unnecessary “studies,” lawmakers are using every trick they can to undermine the FCC’s work to keep the Internet free and open.

Act chilesmall

Senadores chilenos: ¡No eliminen el licenciamiento abierto de obras audiovisuales!

La Cámara de Diputados de Chile, recientemente aprobó un proyecto de ley (Boletín 9889-24) que imposibilitará que los creadores de obras audiovisuales compartan sus obras mediante licencias abiertas como Creative Commons. El proyecto se encuentra actualmente en el Senado.

Act chilesmall

Chilean Senators: Don't Kill Open Licensing!

The Chilean House of Representatives recently passed a bill (Boletín 9889-24) that would make it functionally impossible for video creators to share their works under an open license, like a Creative Commons license. Now that bill is in the Senate.

Act venue

Tell Congress: Pass the VENUE Act

For years, patent trolls have exploited a rule that lets them file disputes in any court in the U.S. Cases should be litigated in courts that have a meaningful connection to the dispute, not where one party thinks it can get an advantage. The VENUE Act would make the process of determining venue more fair for both sides.

Tell Congress: stop letting trolls abuse this loophole. Pass the VENUE Act.