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Brazil action 2 600

Fight Back Against Brazil’s Draconian New Cybercrime Bills

The Brazilian Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) on Cybercrimes of the House of Representatives has recommended the creation of not one, but seven new Internet-related bills. The proposals go against the collaborative spirit of the Marco Civil da Internet and roll back existing safeguards for freedom of expression and privacy online. Tell Brazilian lawmakers to reject the CPICIBER report!

Act smalldefendencryption

Tell Congress: Defend Encryption

The FBI may have backed off its attempts to strong-arm Apple into building a backdoor to the iPhone, but the fight over crypto is far from over. The ENCRYPT Act and the Secure Data Act are federal bills that will safeguard encryption and reject backdoors. Tell your representatives in Congress to co-sponsor these vital bills.

Open share fastr

Publicly Funded Research Should Belong to the Public. Move FASTR.

When we pay for federally funded research, we should be allowed to read it. That’s the simple premise of the Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act (S. 779), which now has a real chance at passing.

Let’s send a clear message to the Senate: we can’t stall on open access for another year. It’s time to move FASTR.

Obama act3

President Obama, Stand Up for Strong Crypto

Obama act 2

Dear President Obama, Stand Up For Strong Security

These proposals jeopardize not just our private data, but the security of every technology that relies on this encryption.

Act venue

Fight Patent Trolls: Support the VENUE Act of 2016

For years, patent trolls have exploited a rule that lets them file disputes in any court in the U.S. Cases should be litigated in courts that have a meaningful connection to the dispute, not where one party thinks it can get an advantage. The VENUE Act would make the process of determining venue more fair for both sides.

Tell the Senate: stop letting trolls abuse this loophole. Pass the VENUE Act.

Brazil 1b

O Brasil Construiu Uma Das Melhores Leis Para Internet Do Mundo. Impeça o Congresso de Aprovar a Pior

O Marco Civil da Internet é a carta de direitos para a era digital construída com participação ampla e intensa da população. Após pouco mais de um ano de sua entrada em vigor, e antes mesmo de sua regulamentação, alguns políticos estão planejando sua destruição. Um novo projeto de lei, o PL215/2015, permite aos que estão no poder censurar a Internet e exige que os internautas brasileiros entreguem seus dados pessoais ao acessar qualquer aplicativo de celular ou site. Caso requisitados, todos esses dados poderão ser disponibilizados para as autoridades mesmo SEM ordem judicial. Diga ao Congresso para votar Não.

Act smallgraphic necessaryandproportionate4

Tell the World's Lawmakers: Online Spying is Out of Control

Mass surveillance and other intrusive monitoring of your digital life are violations of international human rights law. We, and a global coalition of privacy experts, wrote a guide to writing surveillance law that respects privacy. It's called the Necessary and Proportionate Principles. Join hundreds of thousands who have signed onto its ideals now.

Obama act 2

Save Crypto

Certain members of Congress and the FBI want to force companies to give the government special access to our data. Tell Obama that weakening encryption weakens the entire Internet.