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Save Crypto

Certain members of Congress and the FBI want to force companies to give the government special access to our data. Tell Obama that weakening encryption weakens the entire Internet.

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Tell Congress: CFAA Is Broken. Don’t Make It Worse.

A proposed amendment to the terrible Cyber Information Sharing Act would expand the broken Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Tell the Senate to reject this reckless expansion of computer crime law.

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La Ley Stalker Afecta Nuestra Privacidad Y Crea Inseguridad

Digámosle juntos al Congreso peruano que la vigilancia desproporcionada pone en riesgo a todas y todos los peruanos

Act bloggers preserve anonymity

Preserve Anonymity, Stand Up For Domain Privacy

Online privacy is being threatened. Corporate interests are pushing for policies to unmask anonymous owners of websites, creating a huge safety risk for political dissidents and marginalized groups.

Act troll

Tell Your Senator to Support the PATENT Act

It's time to put a stop to patent trolls. This is the year to pass strong patent reform. Tell your senators to support S. 1137, the PATENT Act.

Act troll

Stop Patent Trolls: Support the Innovation Act of 2015

The Innovation Act is the best patent troll-killing bill yet. Last year, it flew through the House but was stalled in the Senate. This year, it's back. Tell your representative to pass this strong patent reform legislation.

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Verizon: Stop Hijacking Your Users' Web Traffic

Verizon Wireless is letting third parties track its users by default. Tell Verizon to support user privacy by stopping its header injection program!

Act apple worm

Apple, Your Developer Agreement Tramples on Free Speech and Innovation

Apple requires that all iOS developers agree to terms that restrict what they can say about the company and what kinds of apps they can build.

Act fpg 123333

Tell Obama: Stop Mass Surveillance Under Executive Order 12333

The NSA relies on Executive Order 12333 to engage in mass surveillance of people around the world. But most people have never even heard of this presidential order. It’s time to respect the privacy rights of innocent people, regardless of their nationality. Tell Obama: amend Executive Order 12333 to prohibit mass surveillance.