EFF Campaigns

Act apple worm

Apple, Your Developer Agreement Tramples on Free Speech and Innovation

Apple requires that all iOS developers agree to terms that restrict what they can say about the company and what kinds of apps they can build.

Act fpg 123333

Tell Obama: Stop Mass Surveillance Under Executive Order 12333

The NSA relies on Executive Order 12333 to engage in mass surveillance of people around the world. But most people have never even heard of this presidential order. It’s time to respect the privacy rights of innocent people, regardless of their nationality. Tell Obama: amend Executive Order 12333 to prohibit mass surveillance.

Act diego

Unámonos para promover el acceso abierto en todo el mundo.

Diego Gómez, un estudiante de postgrado colombiano, puede ser condenado hasta a ocho años de cárcel por hacer algo que miles de investigadores hacen cada día: publicar resultados de investigación en línea para aquellos que de otra forma no tienen una manera de acceder a ellos.

Act diego

Let’s stand together to promote open access worldwide.

Diego Gomez, a Colombian graduate student, currently faces up to eight years in prison for doing something thousands of researchers do every day: posting research results online for those who would not otherwise have a way to access them.

Act cisa

Stop the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act

Privacy-invasive "cybersecurity" legislation is back from the dead. The Senate Intelligence Committee is pushing the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA). It's a privacy invasive surveillance bill that must be stopped.

Act nsa stopnsamassspying

Stand Against Spying

Tell President Obama: We need an end to mass surveillance.

Actstudent fpg 2

Student Activism Toolkit

We've collected all the resources you need to be a better organizer for civil liberties. Find guides to starting your own digital rights group on campus, running a campaign, promoting your actions, and making your voice heard.

Act 13 principles

Support the 13 Principles Against Mass Surveillance

These 13 Principles, created by NGOs and legal experts around the world, assert that mass surveillance is a violation of international human rights law. Instead of unchecked surveillance, we should protect the privacy of all people, wherever they live.

Aaron masked 600b

Reform Computer Crime Law

In memory of Aaron Swartz, ask Congress to support fixing the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and clarifying the meaning of the word "unauthorized" and to make penalties proportionate to their offenses.